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SPC Training

Statistical Solutions, LLC

Training Systems, Consulting and Data Management

Specializing in SPC Training - Statistical Process Control.

Statistical Solutions self-guided training systems are designed for ease of use for the consumer. Self-guided systems save time and money, and when properly developed, are just as effective when compared to traditional consulting service training. If desired, Statistical Solutions can also provide highly qualified instructors to train your employees or your trainer on-site. Our training systems have been tested and proven for hundreds of hours in actual classroom settings across a diverse group of companies from industrial to high-tech telecommunications and aerospace manufacturing.





Bullet BlueHow Can Your Company Benefit From Our Training Systems?

The Statistical Solutions Training System concept is simple. Our Instructors Guides have been designed to enable your facility expert or trainer to quickly acquire the knowledge and teaching skills necessary to successfully guide the class. The Instructors Guide provides step-by-step instructions and examples covering all pages in the Students Guide. The students follow along using the Students Guide, which is identical to the Instructors Guide without the detailed teaching instructions. A review of the Instructors Guide, a little preparation time and practice, is all that is needed to get started training your own employees. Your facility expert can become extremely skilled and proficient as a trainer in very little time on your own or with our help.

Bullet BlueTrain The Trainer...We Can Show You How

Unsure of your ability to train? Many companies have used our qualified instructors to train one or two sessions on-site, with their facility expert or trainer observing the training method and style. The facility expert was then immediately able to take over all future training on their own with great success. Statistical Solutions would be pleased to "train the trainer" for your company.

Bullet BlueData Management Systems

Statistical Solutions builds customized database applications utilizing Microsoft Access, allowing your company to manage and monitor your Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Non Conforming Material Records (NCMR), Employee Training/Certification, Debit/Credit, and RMA systems. All ISO, TS and QS Quality Systems require maintenance of Corrective and Preventive Action, Non Conforming Material Records and Employee Training. Statistical Solutions can provide a quick turn-around and low cost solution for your company. All systems are created for Microsoft Access v2000* and v2002-2003.

Info *All Access 2002-2003 applications will work with the new Microsoft Office 2007 Systems.
PDF PDF built-in, no special software needed!

Database features can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Built-in PDF report capability!
  • The latest data encryption technology.
  • Record and field locking capability with administrator interface.
  • Computer/user identification and date tracking for new and edited records.
  • Automatic reports sent to specific individuals or groups within your company with the click of a button.
  • Report saving to PDF, MSWord (.rtf) or MSAccess Snapshot formats.
  • Ability to E-mail reports to anyone.
  • Password requirements.
  • Bar Code built-in for shop floor control.
  • Automatic calculations for dates and numerical values.
  • Full data entry forms to add or edit information.
  • Totally customizable for your companies specific requirements.
  • Ability to easily adapt and use across networks or stand-alone.

Hand RightVisit the Custom Database page to learn more...or Contact Statistical Solutions to inquire about a custom database for your company or corporation.

*If you don't see it here, we can build it for you!

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Bullet BlueUpcoming Developments

In addition to the existing hard copy training systems, Statistical Solutions is working on creating interactive software applications allowing companies to have students sit at a PC and guide themselves through the material. The software applications will include synchronized audio/video and provide students the ability to pause and go-back. Students can control their own pace for training.

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