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About Us

Statistical Solutions, LLC authors, validates and distributes custom training systems, statistical analysis tools and provides consulting services to organizations seeking to improve their business processes. Our unique approach integrates quality, world-class excellence, and business management systems to help improve your bottom line.

Who We Are

    Founded in 2001, Statistical Solutions, LLC is a leading consulting, training and data management organization who's mission is dedicated to improving business processes, management systems, and quality compliance through effective management and measurement. We offer ongoing consulting and training in every aspect of business process design. Our approach is a unique blend of concepts, methods, techniques, and tools designed to transfer technology to your organization's personnel. Our experts work with your staff to advise, coach, mentor, train, and guide them in the process of developing and implementing world-class business initiatives including reducing process variation, logistics, product and process quality, measurement, managing operational, environmental, health and safety risk. Statistical Solutions is dedicated to being the world's most highly respected advisors, educators, mentors, and facilitators guiding our clients in achieving excellence.

    Statistical Solutions, LLC is an independent US consulting firm based in Wisconsin, providing training and consulting services relating to continuous improvement. This includes statistical methods for industry, improvement of measurement systems, statistical training, quality management systems, risk management, and management information system design.

Industries Served

Statistical Solutions, LLC has served a diverse group of businesses with great success in all cases. Business groups and industries include:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Heavy Construction
  • Consumer
  • Speciality Plastics
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Additional Company Information


NAIC#...611710, Educational Support Services (NAIC = North American Industry Classification System)

SIC#...8748, Business Consulting Services (SIC = Standard Industrial Classification)

CAGE Code...XXXXX (CAGE = Commercial and Government Entity)


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