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How to install / use Excel Add-in's


The instructions below will guide you through the procedures to use Excel Add-In files on your PC.

Save the Excel Add-In somewhere on your computer where you will know to retrieve it later...usually your 'Desktop' is a good place.

IMPORTANT: Be Sure to save the file as .XLA and not .XLS as most PC's will default to .XLS.

  1. Go to your Desktop, 'right-click' on the file and choose 'Copy'.
  1. Open Excel and choose from the menu as shown in the image below...<Tools> <Add-Ins>

Add-In 1












  1. Choose 'Browse' from the pop-up window...

Add-In 2










  1. In the Browse window, 'right-click' and choose 'Paste'.

Add-In 3













  1. After you have clicked 'Paste', click the OK button in the lower right corner of the Browse window.

  2. Click the OK button in the 'Add-In' window next to 'Box_Plot_Chart_Maker' and you are done!

Add-In 4







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