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On-Line Statistical Calculators

Statistical Solutions provides the following on-line calculators free of use for assisting you in improving your business and processes. The calculators require you have Javascript enabled on your browser. Contact Statistical Solutions if you have any questions regarding the use or interpretation of the results from the calculators.




Bullet BluePower & Sample Size (1-Sample Z-test method)...Click Here

Bullet BluePower & Sample Size (2-Sample T-test method)...Click Here

Bullet BlueProcess Capability Analysis...Click Here

Bullet BlueLot Tolerance Percent Defective (LTPD)...Click Here

Bullet BlueParts Per Million Defective (PPM)...Click Here

Bullet BluePseudo Random Numbers (PRN)...Click Here

Bullet BlueSimple Random Number...Click Here

Bullet BlueOverall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)...Click Here

Bullet BlueTotal Effective Equipment Productivity (TEEP) ...Click Here

Bullet BlueDefects Per Million (DPM) and Process Sigma Calculator ...Click Here


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