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Employee Training | Certification Records Database v2.0

The Employee Training | Certification Records Database can be customized or used as-built to manage your companies employee training and certification records. The information below only summarizes some of the features and functionality of the database. Databases can be fully customized to suit your company needs. Most database customers simply ask for something and Statistical Solutions builds it in.

PDF PDF built-in, no special software needed!

Database features can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Built-in PDF report capability!
  • The latest data encryption technology.
  • Record and field locking capability with administrator interface.
  • Computer/user identification and date tracking for new and edited records.
  • Automatic reports sent to specific individuals or groups within your company with the click of a button.
  • Report saving to PDF, MSWord (.rtf) or MSAccess Snapshot formats.
  • Ability to E-mail reports to anyone.
  • Password requirements.
  • Automatic calculations for dates and numerical values.
  • Full data entry forms to add or edit information.
  • Totally customizable for your companies specific requirements.
  • Ability to easily adapt and use across networks or stand-alone.

(*click images for previews!)

The database starts with the MAIN SWITCHBOARD
From the Main Switchboard you can access the Data Form, Reports Panel or Administration Panel.









TrainDataFormUnlocked TrainDataFormLocked

LEFT IMAGE: Form fields are outlined with a green border showing they are 'UNLOCKED' allowing data to be entered. The 'Record Status' indicator in the upper right corner will also show 'UNLOCKED'. Any field can be designated as 'Required' if desired.

RIGHT IMAGE: Form fields are outlined with a red border showing they are 'LOCKED'. The 'Record Status' indicator in the upper right corner will show 'LOCKED'. Data cannot be entered or edited unless the record is unlocked by supplying a valid password. You can also see the 'Record Stats' in the upper right corner. Record Stats will show user identification and date of who created the record and who last edited the record.

Automatic analysis and notification for overdue, due and upcoming dates is built-in. Notifications are directly seen on the Data Form as well as being accessible from the Reports Panel. We have also added 'Fast-Check' capability on the Reports Panel that will notify you of overall records status with the click of one button.

Additional Capability: Password required to delete records; E-mail reports to anyone, save reports to file, export reports to Microsoft Word or other Office formats such as Excel, and many more...



record report

The Reports Panel allows quick access to the built-in reports and validation. Reports can be customized to show individual records, multiple record summaries, and trends over time including graphical content. The possibilities are almost endless.


TrainAdminPanel TrainFieldLocks

The Administration Panel controls three areas of the database and is grouped into columns as seen in the left image. The left column allows for quick set-up and installation of the database as stand-alone or network installation, plus additional database maintenance functions. The right column controls access to the database passwords and describes the global 'Record Field Locking' options. A password is required to change these options on-demand (See right image for more detail on Field Locking).. A user with the 'Administration' or 'Main' password can access all database passwords and has the ability to view or change any password (See image below).









Passwords can be viewed or changed using the form shown above. Passwords are case sensitive and any changes take effect immediately.

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