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The files below have been created by Statistical Solutions as free tools to assist you in preparation, analysis and problem solving. Some files may contain macros which are totally safe. If prompted by a Security Warning dialog box, choose <Enable Macros> otherwise the files will not work properly. If you have any questions or concerns using the files, please contact Statistical Solutions via E-mail by clicking the following link .. Contact Us. The following categories describe what can be downloaded on this page. You can also preview the files by clicking on the thumbnails.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) - Includes templates and generators for managing Statistical Process Control.

Six Sigma - Includes reference guides, project planning, forms, probability and reliability calculators, capability calculators, capability testing guidelines, process sigma level calculator, Binomial and Poisson confidence intervals and the laymans guide to probability.

Lean - Includes Lean, 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Cellularization, SMED, Standard Work, TPM, Visual Factory, multiple reference guides, project planning, forms, templates and more.

Hypothesis Testing - Includes DoE planning guidelines and worksheet, hypothesis testing roadmap, cause/effect (fishbone) generator, and other problem solving tools.

Gage R&R - Includes Gage R&R planning giuidelines, and statistical analysis tools.

Charting/Graphics - Includes quick box plot maker, box plots & trends, distributions charts, end-of-line label charts, radar chart, thermometer charts and waterfall charts.


· Statistical Process Control & Quality Planning ·
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XBar/R Template (MSExcel)
XBar/R Template
XBar/S Template (MSExcel)
XBar/S Template
I/MR Template (MSExcel)
I/MR Template
PChart Template (MSExcel)
PChart Template
NPChart Template (MSExcel)
NPChart Template
XBar/R Generator (MSExcel)
XBar/R Chart Generator
XBar/S Generator (MSExcel)
XBar/S Chart Generator
IChart Generator (MSExcel)
IChart Generator
APQP/PPAP Template Files (MSExcel)

Six Sigma

· Six Sigma ·
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Six Sigma Project Authorization Form (MSWord)
Six Sigma Project Authorization
Six Sigma Project Progress Plan (MSWord)
Sig Sigma Progress Plan
Six Sigma Project Scorecard (MSPowerPoint)
Six Sigma Project Scorecard
Six Sigma Project Team Handbook*
Six Sigma Project Team Handbook
Attribute Sampling Probability Calculator (MSExcel)
Attribute Probability Calculator
One-Shot Device Reliability Calculator (MSExcel)
One-Shot Reliability Calculator
Capability Study Guidelines*
Capability Guidelines
Capability Calculator v4.0b (MSExcel)
Capability Calculator v4.0b
Capability Calculator v4.1b (MSExcel)
Process Sigma Level Calculator (MSExcel)
Process Sigma Level Calculator
Binomial and Poisson Confidence Intervals (MSExcel) Binomial & Poisson CIs
Laymans Guide to Probability (MSExcel) Laymans Probability Guide


· Lean ·
· Thumbnails ·
· Links ·

Lean Reference Guide*
Lean Reference Guide
Lean vs. Six Sigma Comparison*
Lean vs. Six Sigma Comparison
4 Steps to Value Stream Mapping*
4 Steps to VSM
Value Stream Mapping Symbols (ZIP File)
VSM Symbols
Value Stream Mapping Template (MSExcel)
VSM Template
5S Checklist 1*
5S Checklist 1
5S Checklist 2*
5S Checklist 2
5S Philosophy Booklet*
5S Philosophy
OEE Calculator (MSExcel)
OEE Calculator
TEEP Calculator (MSExcel)
TEEP Calculator
Industrial Blitzkrieg (MSPowerPoint)
Industrial Blitzkrieg
Kaizen Event (MSExcel)
Kaizen Event
Kanban Card Wizard (MSAccess)
Kanban Wizard
Kanban Card Calculator (MSExcel)
Kanban Calculator
Lean Assessment (MSExcel)
Lean Assessment
Lean Improvement Roadmap (MSExcel)
Lean Roadmap
5S Forms (MSPowerPoint)
5S Forms
5S Poster (MSPowerPoint)
5S Poster

Hypothesis Test

· Hypothesis Testing ·
· Thumbnails ·
· Links ·

Doe Questions and Planning*
Doe Questions and Planning
Doe Planning Sheet (MSWord)
Doe Planning
Hypothesis Testing Roadmap*
Hypothesis Testing Roadmap
Cause and Effect Generator (MSExcel)
Cause and Effect Generator
5 Whys (MSPowerPoint)
5 Whys
Affinity Diagram (MSPowerPoint)
Affinity Diagram
Fishbone (MSPowerPoint)
Mistake Proofing (MSPowerPoint)
Mistake Proof
Variance Reduction (MSPowerPoint)
Variance Reduction

Gage R&R

· Gage R&R ·
· Thumbnails ·
· Links ·

Gage R&R Planning*
Gage R&R Planning
Gage R&R - XBar/R Method, Motorola Version (MSExcel)
Gage R&R XBar/R


· Charting/Graphics ·
· Thumbnails ·
· Links ·

Box Plot Trend Graphs (MSExcel) Box Plot Trends
Distribution Charts (MSExcel) Distribution Charts
End of Line Label Charts (MSExcel) End of Line Label
Radar Chart (MSExcel) Radar Chart
Thermometer Charts (MSExcel) Thermometer Chart
Waterfall Charts (MSExcel) Waterfall Charts
Box Plot Maker (MSExcel)**
Box Plot Maker
**This is an Excel Add-In...Go Here For Instructions
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