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Enter values for availability, performance and quality. Click the Calculate button when finished.

Availability (%)
Performance Rate (%)
Quality Rate (%)
   OEE = %


Availability is 50% (0.5) | Performance Rate is 70% (0.7) | Quality Rate is 80% (0.8)

0.5 X 0.7 X 0.8 = 28 .............OEE is equal to 28%

What is OEE you ask?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE can be used to save companies from making inappropriate purchases, and help them focus on improving the performance of machinery and plant equipment they already own. The overall performance of a single piece of equipment, or even an entire factory, will always be governed by the cumulative impact of the three OEE factors:

AVAILABILITY - Percent of scheduled production (also reliability) or calendar equipment utilization (i.e. 24/7/365), that equipment is available for production. The proportion of time the machine is actually available out of the time it should be available.


MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures = Total Running Time / Number of Failures.
MTTR - Mean Time to Repair.

PERFORMANCE RATE or EFFICIENCY - Percent of parts produced per time frame as compared to the OEM's maximum rate. If the OEM's specification is not available or known, use the best known production rate.

PE = Performance Efficiency given by RE X SE

Rate Efficiency (RE) - Actual average cycle time is slower than design cycle time because of jams, etc. Output is reduced because of jams, etc.
Speed Efficiency (SE) - Actual cycle time is slower than design cycle time and machine output is reduced because it is running at reduced speed.

QUALITY RATE - Percent of good sellable parts out of total parts produced per time frame, also called 'yield'.


*We suggest you also see the Total Effective Equipment Productivity Calculator (TEEP).



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