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Statistical Process Control training does not need to be difficult, even for people new to the principles of SPC. The Statistical Solutions training program will guide students step-by-step through basic statistical concepts and terminology that are easy for anyone to understand and apply in their personal working environments.

The statistical process control training system provides a definition of SPC and the reasons for its use in manufacturing. The training includes focus on the power of process control. Examples demonstrate how SPC relates to everyday situations in our personal lives, bringing the subject close to home. Interactive class examples prove the statistics behind the process really work. Students will learn new information and an understanding of why SPC is an effective and useful tool in reducing or eliminating defects.

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SPC Training Options

On-Site (our most popular option!)... click here to find out more about on-site SPC training provided by Statistical Solutions instructors.

Self-Help... you can provide your own training using Statistical Solutions materials and guidance as described below.

The Statistical Solutions SPC (Statistical Process Control) training program is designed to be used in three ways.

  • Self-Guided...By purchasing the necessary quantity of Student Guides© and a single copy of the Instructors Guide©, companies can provide their own facility expert to conduct the training sessions. The Instructors Guide© will enable any individual familiar with the basic concepts of SPC to become a proficient instructor in a short period of time..
  • Train The Trainer...Statistical Solutions will provide a qualified instructor on-site to teach your facility expert the process or steps to guide a class through the training system. One session is typically all that is required to enable your expert to gain the expertise required to become a proficient and successful trainer.
Statistical Process Control training material can be purchased on a as needed basis or companies can acquire a Site License for a one-time fee, enabling them to reproduce as many copies of the material whenever it is needed for an indefinite time period. Typical costs can be seen below in the table and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check the Specials Page for additional discounts or promotions that may also be available.
  • The Students Guide© is a must for each student to bring complex theory and learning to comprehensive levels
  • The Instructors Guide© is recommended for all instructors or trainers to assist with preparation and execution
  • The Post Test© to insure grasp of the key concepts is included with each Students Guide
  • All orders may include additional resource material and files, various templates, and a quantity of pocket reference Control Chart Run Rules which graphically show the top seven rules for identifying special causes.
Basic Training System Design
Line Operators, Supervisors, Engineers and Middle Management
Minimum 5th to 6th Grade Reading Level Required
8 to 16 Hours - Including the Post Test (total time depends on student and instructor skill levels)
Basic Shop Math ...Tests addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



We recommend you give a basic math test to all prospective SPC training students to assess basic math skills. Our clinical trials have shown 5-10% of all students who take the Statistical Solutions SPC Training course fail the SPC Post Test due to poor math skills. You can download free copy's of our Basic Shop Math Test and Administration & Answer documents using the following links:Arrow RightBasic Shop Math TestArrow RightBasic Shop Math Administration & Answers
SPC Pre-Test ...Tests basic knowledge of statistical process control tools and their uses.
An additional tool is available from us to test who may or may not need SPC training in your organization. We had developed the SPC Pre-Test to be given to those who feel they may already have the full statistical process control skill-set. The individuals who pass this test may not need additional SPC training, those who do not pass should seek additional SPC training. You can download free copy's of our SPC Pre-Test and Answer documents using the following links:Arrow RightSPC Pre-TestArrow RightSPC Pre-Test Answer Key
Previews and Downloads
SPC Course Description View the Statistical Solutions SPC Course Description*
SPC Syllabus View the Statistical Solutions SPC Syllabus*
SPC Preview Preview the Statistical Solutions SPC Students Guide©*
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Example SPC Training Start-Up Costs
On Sale      Prices reduced from 30% to 50%!      Dollar Cut
Example Start-Up Costs
No. Students
Students Guide© Cost
Instructors Guide© Cost
Total Cost
($25 each)
($100 each)
*$100 total price reduction for the Students Guide© on each order multiple of 50 (after the first 50). Volume discounts will be reflected on the order confirmation email and order invoice.
Site Licenses are available for only $5,000 allowing your company to produce as many copies as you want and whenever you need them.
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*Statistical Solutions™ pays the shipping and handling anywhere in the US!
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